Qubo is a safe haven where kids and their caregivers can always find entertainment that’s “Good Fun.” As the only network to offer age-appropriate programming to the underserved age group of 5 to 8 years old, Qubo provides a vital entertainment bridge between the preschool and tween audiences. Qubo’s shows depict positive role models with good values and motivate kids to become good friends, family members and teammates.

Qubo also encourages healthy minds and bodies, and has received recognition and numerous awards for its innovative advertising guidelines and media initiatives aimed at improving children’s health and reducing childhood obesity.


  • Recognized for its dedication to reducing the national epidemic of childhood obesity - Former FCC Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate, May 2008
  • Recognized by the FCC as the “Gold Standard” in kids television - Written statement by FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, Sept. 2008
  • Voted "Best Value" by Independent Cable Operators - Independent Cable News, Dec. 2009
  • Awarded the highest grade of all entertainment companies when it comes to food marketing aimed at children - Center For Science in the Public Interest Report, Mar. 2010
  • Stated as one of the more trustworthy sources for children’s programming - U.S. Government Accountability Office, July 2011


Qubo is a digital television network that offers quality children’s programming 24/7. In addition to its over-the-air coverage, Qubo is available via cable, satellite and telco, and Qubo programming blocks currently air on ION Television (Wednesday – Friday mornings).  If you don't get Qubo on your system, click here to contact your local provider.


Qubo’s programming entertains children while helping them become ready to learn with a love and respect for reading. The network’s shows also form the foundation of a life of self-esteem and integrity and addresses issues such as right from wrong, tolerance, the value of friendships and the importance of being respectful and kind. Qubo’s family-friendly favorites include:

Animal Atlas
Animal Exploration with Jarod Miller
Dex Hamilton Alien Entomologist
Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs
Jane and the Dragon
The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog
Rescue Heroes
Taste Buds
Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?
Willa's Wild Life
The Zula Patrol